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Pentax 5" Reflectorless Total Station

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Pentax 5" Reflectorless Total Station

Brand New, IN BOX, CST/berger Pentax 5" Reflectorless Total Station The Evolution Series

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Item Includes

  • Pentax Reflectorless Total Station - 56-CST225N
  • Battery Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • Plumb Bob
  • Tool Set
  • Rain Cover
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Maufacturer's One Year Warranty

The CST/berger CST225N is an advanced and innovative combination of Pentax Total Station technology with Pentax unique know-how of optical and imaging technology. Manufactured for CST/berger, by Pentax.


  • Reflectorless
  • PENTAX Optical Excellence
  • On-board PowerTopoLight for CST
  • Large LCD Display
  • Easy to Use
  • 6000 Points Internal Memory
  • 4.9-ft ~ 295-ft (1.5m ~ 90m) Reflectorless, Up to 4590-ft (1400m) Prism Range
  • 5" Accuracy (ISO17123-3)

Data Transfer Software features:

  • DL-01 supports upload and download of data files between PENTAX surveying instruments and PC's, through RS-232C cable, as well as providing data conversions
  • Operates under Window 95, 98, 2000 & NT.
  • DL-01 fully utilizes the power of the advanced capabilities inherent in Windows.
  • Data can be converted into the following formats: Pythagorean files, DXF, JS-Info, TDS, SDR, TAB separated ASCII, DC-1Z, 3 User Definable Formats and various other accepted formats.

Technical Specifications:

  • Telescope Magnification: 30 x Resolving Power, 3" Field of View, 2.6% (1u00b0 30') Minimum Focus 1.0m
  • Distance Measurement: Laser Class Visible Laser: Class II (2) Measurement Range (Good condition)
    Reflectorless 4.9-ft – 295-ft (328-ft)
    1.5m -90m (100m) Mini prism 4.9-ft – 2624-ft (3609-ft)
    1.5m - 800m (1100m) 1P 4.9-ft – 4593-ft (6233-ft)
    1.5m - 1400m (1900m) 3P 656-ft – 6233-ft (7874-ft)
    200m - 1900m (2400m)
  • Accuracy: Prism u00b1(3+2ppm x D)mm Reflectorless u00b1(5+2ppm x D)mm
  • Measuring time: (minimum count) Normal 2.0sec. ( 1 mm) Track 0.4sec. ( 1 cm)
  • Angle measurement: Measuring method Absolute rotary encoder Detection 1 side Minimum count 1" / 5" selectable
  • Accuracy (ISO17123-3): 5"
  • Compensator: Single axis
  • Tangent screw: 1 speed
  • Sensitivity of vials: Plate level (electronic) 40"/1div. Circular level 8'/2mm
  • Plummet: Optical
  • Base: Detachable
  • Water resistant IP44: (instrument only)
  • Ambient Temperature: -4u00b0F ~122u00b0F / -20u00b0C ~ +50u00b0C (Working range)
  • Tripod thread: 5/8-11
  • Dimensions/Weight Instrument 6.77(W) x 13.5(H) x 7 in (172(W) x 343(H) x 177(L) mm)
  • Weight (incl. Battery) 12 lb. (5.4 kg) Carrying case 9.1(W) x 14.375(H) x 16.75(L) in/5.7lb 250(W) x 365(H) x 425(L) mm/2.6kg
  • Internal Memory: Coordinates Data 6000 points (Measured and input coordinate data)


  • Surveying and Construction
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Utilities
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geomarking

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          Pentax 5" Reflectorless Total Station